Friday, October 28, 2011

Broga Hill - Between Dawn and Noon


Finally i did my first hiking activity on 26/10/2011 and the first lucky hill/mountain is Broga Hill. Broga Hill is a very nice and warm environment, a breath taking panorama and it is 400 meter above the sea level. Took me more than 1 hour to reach at peak include with rest, taking picture and so on along with 1.7+ km from entrance trail to the peak. So the pictures below can describe what actually i had been through on that day.

So, after hiking activity finished we all went to Sungai Tekala to fresh up ourselves and having barbeque there. Thanks to girls who prepare all the dish, without them we starve to death.

I'm glad this plan workout well and hopefully I'll have the opportunity to hike another mountain/hill. Sayonara babeh.