Monday, July 13, 2009

shah alam,,,

unfamiliar for me right now,,,
but will find a way to make it like home mybe,,,

but i still miss jengka so much,,,
life there so quiet,,and clean from dis noisy,,,
and i miss manah so much,,,
please help me,,,
and hopefully i don't get clture shock like my sister did,,,


  1. welcome to degrees' life. =)
    be strong man.baru 2nd week.
    i've been through tis before and frankly i said, at the beginning it was so painful.
    tambah2x lg dgn prob dot3x..
    yeah,i really missed uitm jgka and archery too!!!
    but the important thing is STUDY. grab your degree 1st at least..and u can do whtever u want.=)
    Good Luck!