Thursday, March 25, 2010

BlEacH WiLl bE In lIvE AcTiOn????


Warner Bros. Securing Movie Rights to Bleach

A live action Bleach movie is hopefully in Warner Brother's future since they are reportedly "in the process of securing the movie rights" according to the Hollywood Reporter. In addition to Warner Brother's apparent interest, Director Peter Segal, known for Get Smart, The Longest Yard and Anger Management, is interested in producing. Viz Media and Segal's partner Michael Ewing are also lining up to produce.

This news follows Warner Brother's acquisition to the rights for Death Note, also published by Shonen Jump.

What do you think of an American live action Bleach? Do you think it will follow the first couple episodes or will the movie begin further along in the storyline?

p/s : hopefully don't becoming like dragon ball evolution,
lots of die hard fan want to suicide.

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