Sunday, October 31, 2010


Just wanna give a big empire congratulations for Red Warrior coz did win Piala Malaysia last night with 2-1 over Negeri Sembilan for the first time after 55 years waiting, pergh that lots of year.But, I'm pretty sure all the Kelantanesse must be happy and this historic moment will be remember forever.This victory can be happened if not the effort brought from KAFA ledearship and Sathia coaching.


Condolence for Negeri Sembilan team, you give a fight not good fight but fight only.


In stadium full of idiotic supporters, hey don't you feel kinda sorry for yourself, rubbish all over on the field, especially mineral bottle. What the rubbish mind they had for someone who did that. I mean it.

p/s: i never like football period

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